Re-edits and Bootlegs for DJing

Hi all,

after a long abscence to Renoise I again came back to this wonderful tool.

I would like to make Re-Edits and Bootlegs from some songs that I can use in my DJ-sets.
The Sample Page is a mighty tool and I wanted to ask for some hints on best workflows or Videotutorials for this kind of work (Sampler and Sample Slicer).

F.e. do you use Renoise to chop-up (cut-up) a whole song into different samples or is there another software better suited.
Are ther some MUST-HAVE plugins for this kind of use?

Thanks for your help

A Maybe „Must have“: I really like Serato Sample for this. Very nice and fast workflow. And the timestretch algorithm sound really good.

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Serato and Recordbox have nice Edit Features.
But I use Mixxx on Linux and after some testing found, that I can use Ardour to chop the song into the peaces I want (and export them as samples easily) and use the build in timestretch to adjust it to the BPM I plan.
After that I can import them into Renoise for further processing.