Re-mapping Midi Input Velocity Range


When entering notes using a midi controller keyboard, is it possible to re-map the velocity range of the input to a custom curve?

Maybe theres some way to simply increase the sensitivity of the velocity input? :unsure:

Well, configuring the velocity sensitivity is a thing your mid device should support as well…
You can use the velocity device (1.9) to route velocity values to the parameters of other DSP plugins but wether it will work out is what you exactly desire from the DSP plugin.

I have an m audio oxygen8 v2 and an older keystation 49e. The oxygen supports velocity curves (but not custom, user edited ones) and the keystation doesn’t so only the oxygen8 gets used with Renoise.

If I could somehow get renoise to quantise the velocity range it receives to maybe just two or three velocity values it could save some time editing and also help when “jamming” under certain situations. :guitar:

I also thought that if maybe there was some way to increase the sensitivity of the velocity values, then I could start using the keystation controller in renoise as the way it is now, I have to bang on the keys really hard to get the louder velocities out of it. I would like to use it due to the increased octaves it has over the oxygen without having to change octaves whilst recording a part.

Oh well, I suppose its not that big of a deal but would be one of those things that could potentially be quite usefull.