Re: Smooth Scrolling / Mouse Wheel Scrolling Config

If you have thunderbird, install this extension…

  1. smooth scrolling rocks! :P

  2. check out the options (don’t miss the tooltips)! seriously, just do it… since I cannot possibly describe that degree of perfectionism huh.

hm yeah, firefox addon in renoise ideas & suggestions… thats just ace


Did you look at it? If not, you don’t even know what you’re talking about… trolling, that’s just ace! :lol:

This allows for a very customizable preview of just about everyting someone could come up with in regards to smooth scrolling.

Mr. I’m not trolling
The post you made was just to vauge for my taste
This is afterall a renoise forum for suggestions, not some firefox addon forum.

whaat? … off topic

Codec and Basil, you should imagine this idea applied to Renoise, especially on playback, get it? ;)

I like it in Firefox after some adjustment, it’s still not perfect as it’s not consistently smooth and takes more CPU power, hope that’s something that could be optimized if build in natively, maybe with the use of the GPU.

Would be really cool when your at the top of a pattern and then push the End key, or the other way around. :)

But I’m not really sure this would be an improvement for the work-flow, but rather an improvement of the programs coolness-level. :P

well, I know it makes worlds of difference for me, when scrolling just about anything, when scrolling a little and when scrolling a lot… and I remember some actually claiming this would give one a headache (LOL), so I figured, here… look at it yourself.

Be careful
anyone not agreeing with Johann will have their posts misquoted and also being called a troll

edit: spelling

lol? you saying “this is a forum for renoise suggestions and not firefox addons” is hardly anything but trolling.

What ? are you high ?

This clearly is a forum about renoise suggestions, not about the “awesomeness” of some firefox addon.
I suggest you go to the offtopic area with discussions about firefox addons, or atleast explain what this addon has to do with renoise. (something i think should have been in the very first post).

Exactly. And this IS about a Renoise suggestion. I told you the first time and each time I replied to you. I suggest you try harder and in the meantime just skip the stuff you don’t get before telling me how to use a forum, or how I should preface a post so you understand it.

“Re: Smooth Scrolling / Mouse Wheel Scrolling Config” actually pertains to two separate suggestions, one old and one very recent. Of course it would have been better to link those threads, but you jumped at me right from the bat and went worse from there so screw that - use the forum search, and everybody else, file complaints to codec haha.

It was even before that, it was in the friggin SUBJECT LINE. But okay… still, you could simply have asked. But you were way too sure of yourself. I can dig that, I like that in people… yet even then you didn’t say “move this to offtopic”, or “you should have posted this in offtopic, you cunt” you just fucking spammed. Your post/s in this thread? All noise, no signal. That’s not spam, it’s worse, it’s the stuff brain death is made off. So stop acting all high and mighty like you defend the purity of the forum – BOLLOCKS TO THAT :lol:

I never said “you cunt”. Please, stop making stuff up as you go along.
I would argue that you are the forum troll.

Dude, you just don’t understand it.

He’s making an example of a cool feature of an other software, and that it’d be worth checking out to create it for Renoise as well.
This is an idea and suggestion.

Making stuff up, like misquoting me, saying that i wrote “you cunt” and stuff like that. well i’m sorry, with that i will not put up.

If he want smooth scrolling, well fine, i don’t mind that. Just don’t make stuff up out of thin air.

Let’s just keep it simple and friendly okay?
No need to call names or make aggressive assumptions or misquoting parts.
Codec did not understood Johann, i presume he does understand now, end of that particular part of the debate.