Re: The New Drag-and-drop In 1.9.1.

This change in Renoise 1.9.1. is SOOOOOO god damn annoying that it has virtually spoiled all fun with tracking:

WTF?! :panic:

I almost NEVER use the Drag and Drop feature, but I frequently use the mouse to select a block of data in order to copy-paste. Before this change it was user-friendly to do this, but now the selection procedure is so sensitive that Renoise most often starts to move the first selected note around instead.

Please, can’t this value – i.e. if Renoise should have “hold down of the mouse button before you can drag a selection” or “NO hold down of the mouse button” (as is implemented in 1.9.1.) be USER OPTIONAL in the Preferences?

Why did you change this at all? It doesn’t improve anything, quite on the contrary for me. :(

As I remember it there were some complaints about the drag-and-drop and that it was to slow and if it was faster more people would pay for the software.

I figure (again) that this is one feature that each user should be able to finetune in the preferences menu.

I personally think the change is a vast improvement. No complaints from me.

As with all things though, this probably comes down to personal taste. Maybe a “drag delay” setting needs to be in the prefs, so that some people can set it to 0ms (instant dragging), and people such as yourself can set it to a higher value.

Instant change always causes irritation for some that got used to a type of workflow.
Your idea gets a +1 from me dblue.

If you never use drag and drop, but select stuff often, the old way is perfect and the new one slightly irrititating. Yes, you can work around it by deselecting first, and there’s always undo, it’s no big deal in any way, but you can’t just chalk it up to habits and inertia.

I know… i personally teached myself to use ctrl-b and ctrl-e and then just use ALT F4 / F3 (copy / cut) and then use ctrl-v or ctrl-p for continues paste.
It’s a hell of a lot faster to work with.
Drag and drop is only easier if you want to shift the selection one subcolumn to the right/left or one row up / down.
I would never use it to drag it from one track to another.

A good suggestion, unless such procedure would consume unnecessary calculation power from the CPU. I’d guess it’s easier for taktik just to put pre-coded values into the procedure, but on Boolean terms: the feature being simply turned ON or OFF in Preferences.

Seriously, taktik – can you consider this issue for the next version? Thanks.

+1 to the delay slider… I got caught a few times trying to select something and having it drag shit around instead… I personally never drag blocks, I always use ALT+(F3, F4, F5) so this very much caught me off guard, and I kinda find the new functionality irritating. I much prefer when stuff like that has at least a 10ms delay or something

I like the way it is now, it’s fast and I don’t mind clicking somewhere to quickly deselect, but…

Dragging with right mouse button doesn’t seem to do anything right now, maybe use this to drag-and-drop and left button to drag-and-select, any complications or issues with that?

Option added: (GUI->Pattern Editor-> “Delayed drag&drop (use mouse primarily for marking)”). The new behavior is the default.

Couldn’t come up with a better description of the option. Any idea for a better name?

Great news!! Thanks. :)

Can’t think of any better name than the one you chose. Maybe:

“Enable Mouse-Down Delay (before Drag-&-Drop of Selection)”