Just one word, amazing!

Check out the website
And some video from YouTube

Love this thing, saw one of Bjorks band using it in some footage of a festival recently…incredible shiz

yeah it looks cool. but to me it just seems all show.

Reactable is so 2 years ago :P


Oh God, this sound project is amazing. I noticed some panning effects among other effects like filters.

It’s wortwile remembering that unlike eyes, ears work 360°. This is something that seems to be exploited through the circular table in reactable.

I would not be surprised to see Jarre to offer us a new show with a reactable-made song.

Woohoo :w00t:, this is an incredible project… i would love to have such thing and program it!

It would be nice to drive Renoise with it! :drummer:

Byte smasher, your such a kill joy.

He’s correct though. It’s basically a soft-synth with a neat interface. You can do the same thing more easily with (insert VSTi here)

What? :P … I just said it was old news. That doesn’t make it not cool. It’s also so fucking expensive that I could never see buying it when fully programmable multi-touch display-driven midi controllers/mixers are much cheaper. That still doesn’t mean it’s not cool :P

byte’s right, that thing is old. it’s also a bit silly, thought the tangibility seems loads of fun. would make a fantastic children’s toy.

yeh its old… but its cool as fuuccckk

Here are some guides to building your own multitouch table:…itouch-display/

This is a french project for a home made version of Reactable, with Puredata.
The site is cool if you can read french.

I really would like to understand what this project can bring new in terms of drum sequence creation? Any clues anyone?

This is similar to how SynthEdit is building synths. And reaktor. There is actually a Reaktor version that someone did. Dunno how he did it, but I’m gonna read up on the docs provided above.

I agree, it’s smoke and mirrors. People stand there in aww and it doesn’t matter how detailed or well thought out the tracks are. T-pain or lil jon should use this, but I don’t think there’s any support for vocoders.

Easy Moss, I still wish I had one. It would bring shrooming and music to a whole new level.

Another nice all show toy…

the reacTogon

of course its for show, its just a whole different way of doing things.
No new groundbreaking effects, just pushing live electronics.

Moss, I was just F’ing around with you. :)

But what’d you think of the reactogon?

I remember seeing this thing on a björk show as well and think its cool and casual.
It would be fun to noodle around a little bit with that thing :D