Read the f*@%ing manual!

Thread for all the things you wish Renoise could do, and then find out it it can…
Just today I was looking for a tool that allows one to split patterns at an arbitrary line number, going so far as to download a now defunct tool and checking it’s code to see if I could implement this. I check the keybinds for “split” thinking to assign it to this tool so I can invoke it (after updating the API number in the manifest), and lo and behold, I find this…

I’m like wtf… didn’t know we had this!
Turns out (as I’m sure some of you already know :man_facepalming:) that we can split and join patterns from the pattern editor! Who knew?! Maybe you did!

Anywayz, this is super useful to know going forward. Feel free to share your deep dives on things you find out renoise could do all along here in this thread, and maybe it will serve as a random catch-all for some poor sap in the future lol


Yes, agreed… there are a lot of good stuff hidden in the keybindings. Renoise is quite old and people have gotten a lot of their wishes heard and many of these have just been stashed in the keybindings I suppose. :+1:

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I fought hard to get that split pattern option in!They released a new version of renoise and i complained on facebook,only a few minutes later they released it with the split option included,i thought i was the fuckin bees knees,still do.Use it all the time,so handy.


Dang thats useful, thanks mr

is this in the manual tho :nerd_face:?

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Ha! That’s funny you had something to do with this, bc I immediately thought of you and was like, hmm :thinking: I wonder if toybox knows about this? Super useful for odd and additive rhythms…
Well, thanks for making noise about it! I’m glad it’s under the hood :+1:

actually, ironically, I don’t think it is :upside_down_face:

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