Read The Wiki And Now I'm A Sad Person.

I know a few guys on here are avid kontakt users… I read the wiki and it says some vsti’s won’t support polyphonic programming… And I’m experiencing just that problem. Kontakt does work fine polywise in other progs, so I really am not about to point the finger at NI. How the hell are you supposed to program drums then? I’ve heard peoples songs that are using kontakt. This sucks, cause if I can’t use kontakt then, for sure renoise is a no go. I had programmed a bunch of beats, but then I started a new project and got to throwing some hats on top of a bunch of my other drums in a sub track, and the previously programmed stuff wasn’t playing any more. :angry:

Ok- so what I can see is that notes that are triggered (d5, d#) or (c5 c#) octaves that share the same notes, don’t want to play together- what’s up with that. I can trigger C# and D5 or D# together and sh*ts all gravy. HMMM. :huh:

anybody? any suggestions? I’ve been searching like crazy through all the old threads. I know there are a gang of kontakt users… BUMP.

the Plain Old Question #1 About using Kontakt:
which version of Kontakt are you using?

Versions < 1.51 had lots of problems into ReNoise.

about the notes not playing together, are you sure that they are not part of a voice group with polyphony set to 1?

If they don’t, this is because of a limitation of the VSTI itself and not Renoise.
In most cases this means synth vsti’s that can only produce one audio-stream.

If it is no limitation of the VSTI, it will for 99.99% chance be a bug in the VSTI.

A VSTI that involves buggy audio output which may also be a problem caused by Renoise either has no audio output at all or produces clutters and glitches in the stream.

Kontakt… sorry about that. Well I have been looking further and further into it and now what I hear is what sounds like one note cutting off the other, like I get the a small snip of one wave (kick) but the Hihat is taking over. I tried changing the fadeout time for stealing voices in instrument options, but that didn’t help. And the kits aren’t set to any voice groups either. It’s pretty wierd. I would agree that this was a limitation of the vsti, except that the plug works fine with the same exact kits in any other sequencer… it kinda pertains to the saying, one person tells you something maybe they are wrong, two people it’s a conspiracy, three people, well maybe the problem is with you… so what I’m getting at is I doubt that it’s the plug if it works in live, cubase, logic, p-tools, but not renoise. Not complaining, just making a point is all- I just hope the devs step up the game, cause I’m getting similar stuff with sequencing my hardware too (I’m stll convinced it’s something in kontakt though, becuase some of my other kits arent having any problems with the same patterns). Damn I’m frustrated, I just want to get to making some tracks… I’m going to keep working at it and i guess let you guys know what’s up if I can get it figured out. :(

which drumkit are you using?

I own Native Instruments Battery Studio Drumkits and the whole Kontakt 1&2 libraries, so there are chances that I have the same drumkit and I can give it a look

Ahah! It’s definetly kontakt… just tried the kit in live on my laptop and got the same results. And the midi timing issue has been fixed, sometimes my emu card gets a little buggy- I have to go into the panel and reset the latency, not up or down, but up a notch and back down…? So the midi output to my hardware is tight for the moment. Forgive me. I’m a hard headed bastard- I hope I didn’t piss off any devs… woops! Now that I have this sorted, you might get a track from the stupid aprentice in a week or so… thanks for the patience.

Aww dude- if you would that would be sweet, cause this kit is killer for this track I’m making. Hopefully you have it- it’s from the synthetic drums 2 library- pendulumkit.nki … try layering a c sharp (c#600) with a d flat (D-600)… just every four lines next to each other, one in a sub track. It’s driving me up the wall man!

Edit: it’s definetly the kit. I’m trying all sorts of kits and not having this problem… I just can’t figure out what the deal is with it, I’ve looked at every possibility in this kit. I’m just going to reasemble the kit manualy myself, that way I know it’s going to work…

sorry, can’t help :(

I have Synthetic Drums I.

To me it sounds like voice grouping, but you said it isn’t… I really don’t know… :unsure:

you mentioned, you’ve resampled them.
but maybe you didnt changed the bit-size. synthetic II is 24bit by default.
i’ve had problems with that too.

Oh no- I didn’t resample them, I just made a kit manualy by remapping the waves ans selecting my own effects and voice settings in a new instrument… I didn’t think about the 24 bit part though…