Read-Write Glitch Doofer

OK, so I’ve been working hard at creating Max/MSP-like glitchy Doofers with the built-in tools. I was able to create one that is based on the delay effects, namely the deprecated “Stutter” effect. Sounds pretty cool, but it’s totally based on a delay effect that is audible, and causes phasing sounds here and there. PDC and DC are also delay effects, but not like a regular echo-style.

I want more of a granular, randomized glitchy break-up of the sound, not the typical repeater/choppy effects. I need an effect that is closer to a digital read-write head with fluctuating size and also has the ability to adjust the tonality.

So, I created a Doofer using the PDC Latency tool and the DC Offset tool. Controlled with LFOs on random, and parameters assigned to knob control so you can adjust the generalized amount of latency and offset. After getting the initial design of the Doofer down, I wanted the ability to give the sound more subtlety, so it’s not just clicking and popping as a loud sound source.

To do that, I ended up placing a Chebyshev 8n filter at the end, set to high-pass, with knobs to control the cutoff and “ripple”. Very nicely now, I can adjust the crispness of the audio source. Clicks and pops can sound loud like the original sound, or light and subtle, like tiny raindrops.

Of course, the Doofer is easy to modify, and the adventurous can add more knobs and parameter adjustments to increase/decrease the effect to their choosing. This one is call “Read-Write”

Read-Write.xrdp (10.5 KB)