Reaktor €300,- off till June 20.


If you ever wanted to buy Reaktor, now is the time (I guess) till the 28th of May!


HOLY SMOKE!!! thats an amazing deal, Im having it!!!

And now…I have it. Thanks td6d!

No probs man, I got it about 5 years ago with a same sort of deal because someone shared it on the Renoise forums :D

Hmmm… this or Zebra/ACE? tough call… I kind of regretted getting absynth…

ACE is strongly recommended and punches well above it’s weight in whatever denominational value you choose to pay with. It’s like that bad ass cd that’s always in the bargin bin. It seriously rocks after you get into it.

Reaktor at $99 is a hell of a deal, though. I’d buy ace and reaktor and skip zebra if i had 200 vst buying bucks.

(Apologies if you do buy ACE and i’m like that guy that swears you need that danzig 1 cd out of the bargin bin for 3.99 and you’re like that guy that’s like ‘wtf! i’m hating it’. One guy’s bad ass is another guy’s dumb ass. What can ya do?)

when software houses (and NI is no exception in this) make such kind of deals, usually it is because they are going to discontinue the product, or the deal do not include updates.

it seems that NI is try to concentrate its attention on Machine, so I would not be surprised if Reaktor would be discontinued or development stopped.

that said, it is indeed a great deal, but it also has to be said that it was very costy before.

i doubt it. usually NI makes such deals before new version of reaktor. rumors about r6 are circulating for quite a long time.
then, they use reaktor for themselves, like laboratory to design new instruments.

I bought it for $99,- about five years ago and I got the complete gui overhaul etc for free too. That’s not to say there is probably some thruth in what IT-Alien says. Though thát doesn’t say Reaktor is an awesome powerfull program that can do a LOT of things. I’m not trying to force people to buy it, just showing the deal :)

I agree, mostly. Clearly, the hardware-software combo of maschine is fattening their margins and probably making them orders of magnitude more money than before. However, I’d be surprised if they cut reaktor entirely considering that they’re doing pretty well with their recent reaktor-based products like razor and monad. My impression is that the sales of those are practically as good as any VST synth, but I’m guessing they required a fraction of the development cost.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was in preparation for a new version either. Although I bought absynth 5 on a similar deal years ago and nothing new has come out. It could be a marketing angle too. This is probably the most reaktor-message-board-traffic there’s been in years…

It’s way more likely to mean a new version is in the works than that it will be retired, judging by the pattern of NI’s sales and releases.

The same way there’s usually a sale on Komplete before a new version of that package comes out.

this is exactly what I am talking about: there are chances that a new Reaktor version will never come out.

Kontakt is another example: version 3 has been a fundamental step ahead, featuring scripting. Then it came version 4 which, apart from some features for loop-based users which I don’t think use Kontakt at all, had almost anything new other than a slightly enhanced built-in library. I didn’t buy it until a 50% discount over the upgrade price has come (guess why they discounted it…). Then Kontakt 5 came out, which I still haven’t understood why is called 5 and not 4.1… and still haven’t bought it.

I think that NI is trying to focus on what it turned to be more profitable. In this sense, probably Kontakt is the less profitable product, because it needs an huge amount of built-in goodies and a lot of work on the performance side, at a price which is neraly the same of the other softwares they produce. Also, Kontakt is so good as a sampler that it is frankly difficult to find something new to feature in it. The same may be for Reaktor.

What has a possible new version or the retirement of a product to do with this deal?
You HAVE reaktor if you buy it… (of which I don’t think 99.9% of the owners can use to it’s full potential) And again: after I bought reaktor about 5 years ago for €99,- the new version came a year or so after that. So I really don’t understand what the big pointy finger is all about.

I bought it. It appears to have a universe of stuff to explore, I will be playing with it alot I suppose

Some good ensembles for it can be found away from NI’s site:

Any Razor owners ? I have an old registered version of Reaktor but will probably just download Reaktor Player for Razor.

Any words for Razor from Renoise users ? I’ll probably end up getting it, I guess I just need to read something community related in using it via Renoise before getting it.

$99 / 99 €? weird since 99 € is 132.0264 usd

Not really that weird, products often have different prices in different countries! Then couple that with NI being a German company, thus their books are likely to be done in Euro, and exchange rates not being the same as what you actually get when changing money, meaning it makes more sense for Americans to pay more for once (nearly always it is the other way around!)

A load of bull, not from your mouth but companies that abuse that idea (because i know this excuse is abused often). As if Europeans could afford more than an American.
There are other companies that do an honest exchange rate so that 99USD =! 99EUR because it isn’t.
E.g. Soundsonline (East-west plugins) offer Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds for 199USD in the US while they are offering the same pack for 149EUR in Europe. Which is an approximate 1,33 conversion rate.
So it can be done, but Native Instruments simply choose to be dicks. Now 99 is perhaps a bargain even when it is in Euro’s, the pricing policy yet usually represents the company for who they are for the other merchandise that they sell.

It’s nowhere near as bad as it is in the world of hardware, where it has been going on since the world of capitalism began! Americans nearly always get the product much cheaper, even though it’s manufactured in and shipped from China most of the time! EG the new Xbox One, soon to be released: $499/€499/£429. So a Brit is paying $673 and the rest of Europe $665 (going by current exchange rates on which is quite a hefty difference really! But us poor Euros are pretty much used to be shafted now…

Strange thing with NI is they’re European (German) yet still appear to be favouring the US customer, rather than their natives (or at least those using their native currency.)