Reaktor 4.01 VST

I recently purchased the current version of Renoise. The Reaktor 4.01 VST plugin worked in the trial version without a problem…Now that I have installed the registered version it does not seem to recognize the Reaktor4.01.dll file in the VST plugin folder…It recognizes the Reaktor effects plugin .dll files but not the actual synth…When I look in the file directory for Renoise outside of the program the file is Reaktor file is present in the directory, but when I try to open it up in the Renoise environment nothing comes up…Not sure what to do.
Any ideas?

Try deleting the “VstInfo.dat” file and restarting Renoise. You will find this file next to the “Renoise.exe”.

“VstInfo.dat” caches wich plug was successfully initialized and wich one not, to speed up the startup time and avoiding that a plug that once failed to instanciate will reloaded again.

I tried deleting the VstInfo.dat file and restarting Renoise…It still doesn’t work…I can see the Reaktor.dll file in the VST directory outside of the Renoise environment, but for some reason it is still not recognizing it in the Renoise environment.

Try installing the trial version in another directory, and see if the problem is there too. To make sure nothing else has changed. Plugin handling shouldn’t be different in the registered version.

I reinstalled the trial version and the Reaktor4.dll still did not work…So far I am not aware that I have done anything different than when I originally installed it.

Reaktor VST works now!

Could you tell us what the problem was ? Might be helpfull for other who get into the same troubles.