Reaktor 6 FX crashing Renoise when loading presets/ensembles

Been experiencing lots of crashes / freezes when running Reaktor 6 as an FX in Renoise 3.4.3. This is on a fresh install, coming back to Renoise after a bit. The last time I had this stuff working without issue was probably somewhere in 3.3.

To reproduce:

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Load Reaktor 6 FX on master track
  3. Load ensemble (Crashes occur regardless of which one is loaded)
  4. Reaktor crashes immediately with this message:

  1. Renoise continues to run but any attempts to load another instance of Reaktor will freeze the whole program.

Here is the last chunk of the log file:

Application: Loading the template document…

MIDI: Loading MIDI actions from file ‘C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.4.3\Resources\Scripts\GlobalMidiActions.lua’…

Osc: Loading OSC actions from file ‘C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.4.3\Resources\Scripts\GlobalOscActions.lua’…

Player: Constructing…
Player: Creating slave threads…
Player: 8 threads enabled. 8 CPUs are available.
Player: Start running…

GUI: Creating the Document GUI…
GUI: Successfully constructed

Application: Successfully loaded template document.

GraphPort: Initializing in WindowedMode
GraphPort: Successfully initialized

Application: Init OK
Application: Enter MainLoop…

Vst3Plugs: Instantiating: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Reaktor 6.vst3…
Vst3Plugs: Disabled auto-suspending for plugin ‘Native Instruments: Reaktor 6 FX’ (it reports an infinite tail)

Vst3Plugin: Plugin ‘Native Instruments: Reaktor 6 FX’ requested parameter setup changes…

This is how it goes 90% of the time. Occasionally Renoise will freeze up on step 4. VERY rarely, the ensemble will load and function, process audio etc. but will crash Renoise when I either change the preset or adjust parameters in the ensemble itself.

Reaktor functions flawlessly when I load it as an instrument, this is only an issue when using it as an effect. No other third party plugins, instrument or effect, have any issues.

If theres any other info I can give that might be helpful let me know. Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Quickly tested this and can confirm it crashes with the VST3 version. The VST 2.4 version seems to work fine though. You can use that as a workaround for now.

Ah perfect, thank you for the quick reply! :pray:

Yes, please use the VST2 version (or AudioUnit on macOS) for now instead. The Reaktor VST3 changes parameters in a way which Renoise can’t handle. We already have fixed this, but this is a quite big change so we can’t “quickly” release this without further testing.