reaktor 6 midi out ----> renoise can't handle it ( midi routin

Shout out to someone who has reaktor 6 ( none of the developers have it )

Do the following .

INsert block midi in , insert block midi out .

Route reaktor to a vst ( renoise mdi routing .

Fill the pattern with 32 notes , don’t forget the note offs .

Renoise skips midi note data to receiver …

connecting pitch and gate from util note in to util midi out and passing note data from the pattern though reaktor into another vst? that works for me, though. maybe we are not doing the same thing.

yes , play some rapid notes , lp 16 , every 2 second line with a note off , I get stuck notes and some don’t even get triggered .

The block midi out is also dependent on reaktor’s global control rate .( since it uses a primary message module , )

Could you play this file , listen to the notes , some are triggered twice …play the pâttern a few times

Hmm , funny when using the note out ( which doesn’t contan pitch bend and glide info ) instead of the pitch out , it 's all right

reaktor is blank for me in the xrns. perhaps you could attach the reaktor snapshot or a graphic of your patch?

it’s just the util note in block —>util note out .

Play the pattern a few times , adjust tempo …afer a while some notes will be played twice .

Yeah, every few notes the previous note will play instead of the new note. Unless in legato mode? No missed triggers or hung notes for me though, unless I go adjusting things like control rate (no joy) while the sequences plays.

(feeling like this is a problem with the cv to midi conversion in the reaktor block and not renoise’s doing. you think?)