reaktor 6 OOooh my

Long time reaktor builder user here .

Been away from the internetz for a few weeks and then I see this …

Totally psyched out .

100 euro upgrade …

will do will do

user library for blocks is growing also

this is good stuff

Well , I haven’t installed it yet …since I definately will need to upgrade .

But …I have to say …from what I see …I am bit dissapointed …=

Reaktor 6 is geared towards the newcomers / instant gratification …blocks and the ridiculous low prize of 200 euro ( that’s good thing )

I don’t care about Blocks …
The new gui …mweeh …still no rescalable vector graphics , OOhh wait they added nice antialiased curved cables …ffs

Some tweaks in core …

Not sure If I will upgrade , I think they lost direction with this one…

Seriously considering getting max now …

Will try later …

I was pretty excited about the blocks until I realized they were all monophonic, still it’s nice that NI has finally updated Reaktor.

The update is certainly welcome. For me the most frustrating aspect of Blocks is that patching is subordinated in the workflow to the act of tweaking. Not hating on structure view, but it makes traditional modular workflow pretty difficult on a laptop screen. And while the user library is nice, the forum is ridiculously disorganized. Makes me hesitate to get deeper with building, because I feel like the community is a bit stagnant. Definitely appreciate the price reduction. Excited to see what people do with Blocks in terms of porting Euro module functionality, similar to System63.

There is really nothing about blocks …at first I thought , hmmm audiomulch style modularuty

They are just unified core cellls , templates , altough top notch core proramming , with certain rules …for connnectivity ( range -1…+1)

They call it a new level of functionality , it’s not , it’s just proppelerheads style marketing .

Core scoped busses and fibres …can’t say too much about it really .

I like the new gui ( 3 options . )

As a non-builder (yet), I get that Blocks doesn’t bring new functionality, but from a user standpoint, the UI standardization is very welcome. There’s some really excellent instruments out there with god awful interfaces, just abysmal.