Reaktor as effect on group track only writes automation envelopes

I noticed when using reaktor as an insert effect , it only records automation in the envelope lane and not in a pattern ( in this case a group )
All reaktor controls have assigned id’s etc… so that works flawlessly

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Ok ,inserting an alias for that effect solves it , and automation can be recorded in the pattern .

Is there reason why it can’t be done without an alias ?

sorry to cut the theme of the thread but which effect is that ?

did you made it

Self made delay , you can get my ensembles here

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yo wtf nice stuff man

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

You’re welcome

Pattern effects can only address up to ‘Z’ (26) parameters XYZZ (X = device, Y = parameter, ZZ = hex value).
Graphical automation doesn’t have such a limit.

I must have forgot about that one , thanks
i can still compress the reaktor id’s and use the first 26 parameters for pattern automation .