Reaktor as live fx in Renoise

Hi, i have a problem with feeding a live input signal into Reaktor FX in Renoise.

In renoise sampler i can record any kinda stuff using my mic, but when i`m trying to load up any Reaktor fx (the Mouth for example) as DSP fx there is no input signal going at all.

Am i missing something?

noobmode on. problem solved. close the topic pls.

Or maybe you can post what you N00b mistake was so other people who fall into the same track can learn from it.

That’s funny, just had the same issue tonight, with the Mouth. Tried Reaktor for the first time today, actually.
But forgot that reaktor comes as an effect too, not just as instrument (vsti), so yeah, that solved everything.

And, if someone wonders how to get “The Finger” to work in Renoise with Midi input:

  • load reaktor/the finger as a DSP effect on the track where the source sounds is
  • make a track next to it, call it “midi” or whatever.
  • then load up an vst-alias of that same Reaktor DSP in a new instrument slot,
    and you are ready go bananas.

Took me a moment to recall how that stuff was done… i’m getting sloppy, I guess :D

i solved the midi thing, but how to get a live sound from mic to the Mouth - that was confusing.

so all you need is just to put a LINE INPUT DEVICE before Reaktor FX into track dsp chain.

That doesn’t sound like a noob solution.