Reaktor Problems

I’m having some problems using Reaktor in Renoise. Often I get a lot of clicks, pops & general noise.
Could this be because I’m running the demo of Renoise, hence no ASIO?


Oh, that sounds strange…

How are you using reaktor, VST/VSTi? And does this happen only with a specific ensemble? The only reason I can think of would be that your CPU is maxing out, but then clicks and pops should happen with every plugin, not just reaktor…

im running reaktor session in renoise 1,9,1 and it works fine here,but im also using asio,so maybe that could be the problem,hopefully someone with abit more knowledge can help you out

this sounds like a cpu overload , also check maybe your buffer settings

maybe because of a sample rate difference in renoise soundcard settings + the sample rate in reaktor?

Choosing different samplerates in two hosts should not work at all.
But the buffering space might have to be doubled to give the audio driver some breathing space.

Thanks for the replies, people, most helpful :)
I tried upping the latency in Renoise, and I landed at 50ms when the problem disappeared. Isn’t this quite extreme? I do have an old computer (1,6ghz + 512mb ram), so this might be the main cause for the problem.
Reaktor runs fine with a latency of 9ms.

i just got reaktor 5 a couple of days ago,and it runs fine on my 1,70ghz fujitsu siemeens laptop.

but i also got 2gb ram in it

sorry i cant be more helpfull

What latency do you get in Renoise?

i dont quite know what latency im running in renoise,but im using the externel soundcard that came with my old cubase system 4(mi4)

i can run 3-4 instances of reaktor before i get clicks and pops

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Audio
It says “Latency (msec)”

Anyway, it seems my main problem is RAM. I’ll upgrade my pc asap and see what happens.

i use asio,so it doesent say latency,but if i choose directsound,then it says latency

but buffersize,when using asio is 256 samples(5,8msec)

i still usually end up rendering to sample with any of those N.I. softwares, i have ASIO drivers for an edirol UA-101, 2.0gb core 2 duo, 2gb ram. ‘massive’ indeed :P