reaktor sequenced ensembles in renoise

This has been a long time issue in renoise , when a reaktor ensemble with built in sequencer misses the first step .

It’s been ongoing for several years and never been fixed .

Now , in the past this was partially related to a reaktor primary module , called song position pointer module , which wasn’t that accurate .

Right now I am demoing a new instrument called trk01 , which is sample accurate , but still manages to miss the first step .

.only in renoise that is .

NO problem in reaper .

If Renoise development is still an ongoing process , could you guys at least have a look at it.

+1 please thanks.

Reaktor uses 'fixed buffer length ’ by default but this can be turned of with renoise plugin settings , but changing these doesn’t make any difference

I been using reaktor since version 3.0 …that’s almost 20 years …

It’s a problem that only occurs in renoise