Reaktor/The Finger

Hi there,
I have a strange little problem with The Finger:
Some effects,especially the ones related to the comb filter (XComb,Comb +/-, etc.) don’t work properly if they are triggered by a midi note (output is actually muted).
BUT: If I trigger them by clicking in Reaktor i.e. the Finger GUI they work fine… :huh:

The setup is:
Reaktor as VST Effect on a group track (also tried on a send track), VST alias as instrument on another track for midi input.
I’m on Win7 64-bit, I also tried the 64-bit and the 32-bit versions of Reaktor FX and FX 2x8

Anyone else experienced that? Or maybe even solved the problem?

Probably, it’s because that the comb filter effect is velocity sensitive. See the center of the FINGER’s GUI (wet-dry and knob for velocity amount).
So, if you want to “fix” the effect, you should specify the velocity (vol column value) of the vst alias notes.

D’oh! :smashed: Velocity, of course! The default velocity when clicking in the GUI is obviously around 75%. I totally missed that…
Thanks a million! Problem solved! ^_^