Reaktor User Considering Renoise

How difficult would it be for me, a user of N.I. Reaktor for 4 years, to learn to use Renoise?

I’m sure questions like this are asked frequently, but I’m interested in anything that can expand my sound and creativity, so I asked. Sorry if it’s a re-run.

Are you using only Reaktor to make your music ? Or what exactly do you use it for ?

You can use Reaktor in Renoise!

Also, we can’t answer your question for you. Just download the demo and try it out, it’s only 7.5 MB!

Reaktor and Renoise have two completely different approaches in music. Though, as it was stated above, you can actually use Reaktor into Renoise as a VST instrument; I would recommend to use Reaktor 5 for this task, as Reaktor 4 is quite buggy as a VST instrument, expecially on the GUI side

Read this thread, posted just a few days ago.

But as everyone has stated, download it, download some XRNS songs (see the above thread), and start today. When you have a question 1) Search the forums, it was probably answered before 2) Check the zine for good measure 3) And if all else fails, we are here to help our fellow man/woman.

I use Reaktor mostly, then Intakt and a tiny little bit of Reason for beats. I mix and master everything with Nuendo.

And to all - Thanks. I’ll download the demo and see what I can come up with.

Hopefully someone reads this again…

Where in the Tutorials does it explain what I’d need to know to make volume adjustments for flams and rolls etc.?


edit: mmm, not sure if this is what you wanted to know…

That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you very much. :)

hey, these days im pretty much only using renoise and reaktor. for me learning to build in reaktor was more difficult than learning renoise… and renoise is my 1st tracker. i dunno why exactly it took me so long to see the light, but i finally found it here.

renoise does lack a bit in dsp (its native effects) but it makes up for this in VST.

you can of course use reaktor as VST as well :)

As lame as this will sound… check out my submition in beatbattle5 (Landy - Elephant-Nessie). not the greatest track or anything but it does demonstrate a decent amount of pattern effects as well as “flams” in the 3’rd part of it…

Just give renoise your complete attention for atleast a month.

Here’s what I came up with after a couple hours and after watching the “Smoking is bad, except in France” video. I think there may be an extra step on the end that knocks the timing out… but it’s just a screw around to learn.

Doc Al, I will have to listen to your tune when I get home from work. I just had to write as it seems a bit rare to find another USA persone here… welcome aboard!

At this point I am using Renoise and Project 5, and find they make a good combo for me. Renoise is great because it takes my musical thinking in a different direction than a traditional DAW. I find having both keeps me in ideas…