Reaktor Users?

I didn’t know exactly which forum I should put this in, so I apologize if this isn’t the right place for this thread.

How many other Reaktor users are there here? I ask because I’m having a small dilemma when using Reaktor as a VST in Renoise.

A big portion of my work is made using sequenced synths in Reaktor. See link in sig - song “Jimmy’s Triggerfish” for example. The sequenced/gated thing in the beginning and the little melody that kicks up at 1:44 were made with sequenced synths in Reaktor, sampled, and used in Renoise as a wav.

Therein lies my question.

I would like to use a Sequenced Reaktor Synth as a VST rather than sampling and re-using wav. files when I don’t have to, but I am having trouble getting them to turn on and off at the right part of the song because the “Play” functions sync up when using Reaktor as a VST, causing the sequence to play throughout the entirety of a song.

It’s actually a little embarrassing to be asking this, because I feel I’ve been using Renoise long enough to have figured this out already. Is there a way to make a true on/off for something like this, or should I just use a volume or mute command of some sort when I don’t want the sequence to play?

I have used Reaktor in the past (version 3, which was a big bunch of bugs put together, and 4, which started to be good since 4.1x); as far as I can rememebr there should be a way to perform what you need by using a MIDI CC Message: if Reaktor sequence can be stopped through a synth button, then you surely can use Reaktor MIDI Learn function in order to associate a MIDI CC Message to the button. Once done that, you should probably use the following syntax:

not in vo pa comm  
--- xx -- C0 yy00 <<== stop  
--- xx -- C0 yy7F <<== play  

where xx is the Renoise instrument number on which Reaktor VST is loaded, yy is the CC number (in hexadecimal).

If you have a mute button in your sequence and just want to turn that on/off: Check Reaktor to see the name of the button. Create a automation device on a track in Renoise. Open the list in the automation device and search for the name of the button. Now you can right click the fader in min value to turn off, and max value to turn on, which will be recorded to pattern or automation in Renoise.
If the button dosent show up in Renoise, then you will have to play around with the buttons automation id settings in the buttons properites in Reaktor.

To really turn on and off the sequence you could modify the Reaktor ensemble and create a button for start stop. Usually the sequence is connected to the hosts play/stop commands.

The other solution is to just program a blank pattern and use program changes/note numbers to call that up

I’m wondering this as well… doesn’t seem to be a simple way about it.