In reaktor I have loaded a bluematrix playing a pattern. IN renoise I trigger the instrument to play and stop half way though but the instrument keeps playing through Reaktor. This is the first time I have used reaktor as a VST. Any help would be awesome.

I have the same problem with NI`s Battery 3.
Noteoff or Cutnote isnt working.

Is there any solution?

I almost never used Battery. Reaktor was incredibly bugged as a VSTi last time I used it, a couple of years ago.

cannot say much more, but it’s unlikely that this is a Renoise problem, since note-off works on every other plugin

Yes, not a Renoise prob. Tried several versions of Battery 3. The same thing. Note off doesnt work. Heh.
It was a time when NI was a really innovative company, now its just a huge corp dat stamps KONTAKT 12345 and doing huge soundlibraries with their KORE hardware.

And i`m still dont get what is KORE really about. Yeah, i saw demos, touched it by my hands, but i dont really understand an idea of hardware controller of such type.

Sorry for offtop.

yes, something wih NI is going really bad recently. they had my money since Kontakt 1.1

Kontakt 2 is brilliant, but Kontakt 3 is silly; calling it Kontakt 2.5 would have been fair enough.

I will not buy K3, there is really no need for a K2 user to pay such huge amount of money for so few added value.

well that sucks. So I need to buy cubase to make Reaktor Work? grrr

Oh guys, maybe spend some time with the manual before blaming the software for doing it wrong.

Battery does not care about note-off commands per default which is within the MIDI-Standards. In a normal MIDI-Drumtrack you only specify when you want to trigger the sample and do not define a notelength, in most sequencers you draw dots in your drumtracks and not notes with different length.
However, you can use the second Amplitude-Envelope-Mode in Battery to add an envelope to any sample including a standard “Release”-Time that reacts to a note-off just as you would expect and you can use voice- and chokegroups. I am using Battery 2, but I guess it’s the same for 3.

In Reaktor you actually have to program your ensemble so it reacts to a note-off, which is easy, so given the fact that the ensemble you spoke of (I don’t know it) does not react to note-offs makes me believe that it does that on (whatever) purpose. Maybe it’s one of those live-machines (and not an instrument) that is actually meant for the standalone and note-commands are only meant to trigger a loop or set the pitch of something (imagine just tapping the key you want live and not having to hold it down.)