(real) Elektro by TNT

For those who like Elektro, here are 10 tracks (the sound quality in Youtube lacks a little…):

Some tracks are new, some tracks are old. I-)


Good stuff :dark_sunglasses: :guitar:

Thank you, sir! :wink:
One of these 10 tracks was officially released on Ukonx Recordings in the year 2013, the track is Hadopelagial. If you want to hear what Ukonx made with the mastering you can listen to it here. My track is track number 2. And surprisingly it sold pretty well, also if you compare this to the other productions on this compilation. This gave me some chills if you can imagine. :grin:

Congrats!! :+1:

Mastering is good. For me as an independent artist the mastering is always difficult and I like to think mixing is also part of the mastering. Anyway there’s so much music to listen these days and my opinion is that plenty of music don’t get enough recognition what they really deserved. It’s like you don’t see the trees from woods. :mag: :walkman:

Dude these tracks are awesome. Great groove, synths and atmosphere. Makes me want to stay up all night taking drugs. And thats a good thing :wink:

Nice tracks, Keep Rockin’!

Time for some additional tracks: