Real-time Effects

There is nothing better than writing 01xx, 02xx, 04xx, 09xx, OBxx, OExx by hand for precision and stuff, but what are the best vsts for doing these sort of things live? I just played a show two days ago; my method was moving through songs with the unofficial playlist.txt feature while using instajungle on select tracks. It worked great! But it’s not as good as it could be, it’s very easy to make something sound bad.

I’m interested in vsts that quantize, rhythm gate, reverse, slow down, speed up, stuttery this and that but ALL SET WITH INTENTIONAL PARAMETERS, no random. here’s the kicker, i need it to work for mac.

dblues glitch and stretch are close, but not mac. something more along the line of Tim Exiles Keymasher (reaktor). Vibert uses mac, and he’s constantly messing with his tracks using only a few keystrokes. if anyone has any advise, i’d love it!

one of the guys in the NI forums made a reaktor ensemble thingy called Beatlookup.

might be what youre after since it was designed after dude watched that exile video.

they developed it to version 7.4 then stopped.

havent really gotten too into it, so i dont know about how intentional the parameters are,… but it does let you resample mashedup bits and then mash them up again on the fly.

it was a pain in the arse to find it cos you had to go thru a bunch of the forums.

if you cant find it pm me and i’ll mail it to you.