Real-Time Pad Drumming In Renoise

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I’m not sure if I’m posing a ridiculous idea here but I recently bought a midi controller with touch-sensitive pads (Akai lpd-8). I normally use a much larger key-based controller and upon receiving my lpd-8 started to think about doing some drum sections live. I initially thought about running two instances of Renoise 2.6 [I’m yet to upgrade], one with a drum-free melody and one with only drum samples so that I could play pad-activated drums over the melody. My problem is that I am unable to trigger either seperate drums in a kit or different samples in seperate patterns.

Tl;dr - is it possible with Renoise for me to trigger individual drum sounds in real-time via midi controller pads?


definitely possible, make sure Renoise recognizes the controller in the midi preferences. Hitting a pad should show midi activity through a led blinking in the top right of the gui (little blocks next to midi map), for the amount of time you hit the lpd8.

Load up a sample drum kit or drum vsti (like drumatic) and make sure you’re in the right octave for the pads to trigger sounds.

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You can have the pads trigger/record different samples in multiple tracks through the new midi input assign mode in the instrument settings, for this you need 2.7.1 though.

Thanks for the speedy reply bro! I’m able to use the controller fine; my real problem is that if I load a kit it only ever plays the first drum in the kit, even when on the right octave. Anyway, I feel bad for not investigating this in the manual first so I’ll go do my research ;)

While the octave nr in Renoise might give you the idea you’re in the right spot, I think the lpd also has octave buttons on it, no? Go to the instrument editor and look at the keys of the keyboard when you hit a pad, also… you say you’re loading in a drum kit… if you have made them yourself you need to press ‘generate drumkit’ in the instrument editor.

Last but not least, make sure you’re in the right settings in your lpd, and not in some kind of program edit mode.

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Excellent advice - I think I asked before putting enough effort in, haha! Thanks a lot man :)

i ve a quite similar problem
i’ve assigned my pad to my drumkit. everything is allright but i want to record in one take the kick in the kick track and the snare in the snare. they share the same drumkit.
is that possible ?