Real Time Render - But Not For Send Channels?

is this correct: real time render will not render any send channels set up as hardware fx channels, like sending stuff through external fx? am i missing something here?

i tried this yesterday and the send tracks weren’t rendered. had to go back to voxengo in the master.

You mean it takes into account Line In, but not separate outputs other than Master, going through different card outputs and back into the DAW?

If Line In is being taken into account then so should any Output routing other than Master, which should be silent. Sounds like (hopefully) an oversight to me…

yeah. i recorded a song yesterday with 2 external synths, and a bunch of send tracks set up to go through some guitar pedals. when i hit realitme render, the send track audio was missing, the synths were recorded fine though.

so this isn’t expected functionality? i should be able to render send tracks to external fx right?