Realistic Flute Vst Instrument

Hello guys

I have very weird problem.
I got some work to do and among other things, I have to include a flute playing melody in song I am currently finishing for some new video game.
Flute / Pipe whatever has to sound 99% similar to this example:

Take a listen, that kind of flute is total etno style [I believe it is recorded live?] and in last 3-4 days I am searching the most realistic flute to sound as close as possible to example song.
I was searching a lot but could not find anything that sounds like that.

The closest one I found in freeware flute vst called “DMI Flute” [VST: dmiflute]. It is freeware, but sounds very loud and badly recorded.

The best thing I found on this vst is: it has “Psysical Lips” knob - rotating it I can get very similar effect like in the Youtube song. BUT the biggest problem is: this VST does not respond to Modulation Wheel [Pitch / Bender] stick I have on MIDI keyboard…

I tried to render VST [grab vst] as samples, but samples also do not response to hardware pitch / wheel…

Also tons of instruments I was searching over the net in past few days sounds very badly… Even those flutes I found for Kontakt player. None of them has Ethno sounding style.

I have tried IxoxFlute too, and this one responds to modulation wheel but does not sound that good.

Any help will be very appreciated!

i doubt you can find any good freeware which can make anything close to that. that flute also has a weird second tone. a lot of articulation and such.

sounds a bit like doesn’t it?

have you tried to find samples? there are some free flute samples in the olpc-sample pack.

good luck! (:

tassman always has had good sounding physical models, I remember some decent flute presets, but yeah… not freeware.

Trickery with samples that have harmonic overtones is that you need to do some manual sample layering. This means you really have to fetch two or three layers of flutes and create three or four velocity layer groups with those.

In the instrument you will have 12 velocity layers divided into these three segments:
Velocity group layer 4
-flutter layer
-overtone layer
-normal layer
Velocity group layer 3
-flutter layer
-overtone layer
-normal layer
Velocity group layer 2
-flutter layer
-overtone layer
-normal layer
Velocity group layer 1
-flutter layer
-overtone layer
-normal layer

Each three layers have the sample playing at a specific velocity.
With that you can use the pitch command to pitch the current playing sample and overlay the overtone or flutter layer across the normal layer (using another notecolumn) to get this emotional effect.

It is a lot of work to assemble and a lot of work to get these kind of effects, but once you have such an XRNI instrument, you can benefit from it the next time.

Pitchbend and modulation wheel responses for native instruments are one of the considered options in one of the next XRNI upgrade phases.

You can insert an Instrument control device and control this parameter with that one.
(You can assign your modwheel to this controller in Renoise)

Yes I know about control device, this way I was moving this parameter to make more or less good sounding effect. But can not make sound pitch up or down as there is no possibility in that VST.

I think Miroslav Philharmonic has more or less ok flutes [all sampled], of course not perfect but playable…