Realitätskontrolle Electro-Track German

hey folks,

this is a new track made by me. it´s some kinda electro-stuff that kixx asses on dancefloors. i hope you like it.

tracked in RENOISE 1.9
mixed & additional production in NUENDO 2.0

grx: d

Hi there, nice track. I don’t know the electro-scene that well, but I thought of Anthony Rother and Lützenkirchen when I heard this, and I guess that isn’t too bad. :) I like it. There is enough going on throughout the track that it doesn’t get boring either.


thanx for your reply! i´m also not so well into the electro scene (…as in any scene) but i like that stuff so very much. maybe my next track will be in
another style…we´ll see.

i find the magic in this music is to constantly change elements without getting out of rhythm…just going on and on…

maybe someone could give me some reply about the mixing-quality.

grx: d