Realizing That Your Life Is One Big Shithole, And That You'Ll Neve

Real title: Realizing That Your Life Is One Big Shithole, And That You’ll Never Be Able To Get The Idyllic Life You’ve Dreamed Of So Far

I’ve been a bit mad recently, so I made this. Enjoy!

(The long title is pretty nice, huh? ;))

Enjoyed, thanks! :yeah:

I really enjoyed the main melody in this track (starts 00:14) It’s interesting and holds an element of nostalgic optimism which kept me listening. It did have a few dudd notes IMHO E.G: 00:27, 01:08, 01:54 (although i realise this one is toward the end when things start becoming dissonant anyway)
The problem was, the 3 instrument melodic loops underneath (starts around 00:11)you’ve created are quite intricate. You’ve made it hard for yourself to stay on top of harmonically…
I would suggest going through the loops and melodies together one note at a time (enter/return does this), and just cleaning up any dudd notes you find (bear in mind it may be because some notes sustain too long). It really pulls away from how cool that melody is…to ME anyway.
It is a common problem, especially when creating such epic polyphony, but it’s well worth the effort for the glorius, complicated melodies that will come out of it. And if anyone says it’s too busy…
it can never be too busy, just messy!

I’m aware of the fact that in some places, the melodies don’t fit harmonically-- it’s pretty intentional (even though not entirely). For this song, I was trying to have a lot of things going, but if I wanted a clean, smooth sound, I would probably have done that ;) Thanks for the tips, Moss!

Sure sounds mad haha, was a fun listen though!

This is incredible! The contrast of the ‘realistic’ drum sounds, with the ‘unreal’ ‘chiptune’ synths is really cool. The mix sounds great.

As for the choice of notes; I like the way they are. The temporary ‘dissonance’ in spots adds momentary ‘tension’ so it can ‘release’ into ‘proper’ notes.

By doing this, the style is more like modern classical or jazz, as opposed to something baroque by someone like say, Handel.