Really Basic Help Needed

First hi everyone !

I’m new to renoise and I think i’m missing something with the pattern sequencing especially with effect.

I understand the effects commands but everytime I type something with my computer keyboard in the pattern effect section it skips to the next line so i’m force to go back up with the arrow and entering another letter or number and so on.

I doubt this is the way to edit pattern effects, i discovered the right clic method to insert a value, but for sample offset and somme other effects ( that i’m really interested in ) I cannot right clic anywhere.

anyone can help me ?

maybe i missed something in the tutorials, but after 3 hours of research i’ve decided to post :)

thx in advance

This is the way pretty much all trackers work. The cursor doesn’t (edit: I typed “does” at first, d’oh!) move from left to right as you type, like with a text editor for example. You can stop the pattern from moving down each time you type a letter/number, but you will still have to manually move the cursor left and right to reach the other values.

To stop the pattern from moving down each time you type you must set the Editstep to 0.

Personally I just leave editstep on 1 most of the time and perform the extra arrow key movements. You’re gonna be using the arrow keys a whole lot anyway, so one or two extra keypresses doesn’t make much difference to me.

You can build up a nice little rhythm while entering pattern commands too.

Type. Up. Right.
Type. Up. Right.
Type. Up. Right.

This is all good training for the trackerninja :)

Kudos for your willingness to research first. ;)

Dblue explains things as they are, but you do make a valid point about a, to beginners, very illogical way of typing. At least from a text-editors point of view. I’m starting to think that a toggle-button for “editstep down” & “editstep right”, as that would make it simpler to enter fx commands & chords.

Then I think, there’s enough buttons and settings…

But I think this could be useful, especially with newbies in mind! Renoise have already changed the way we think of trackers, this would be a quite unique setting, quite easy to implement.

What do you think, Maeva?

Blame it on me for not have a vidfeed on this topic.

Thx all for your responses

Now I understand

My main problem is I am an north american french frog, so sometimes I miss some point when I read technical stuff.

I’m pretty sure there is way to implement something more friendly for entering data in the sequencer but to be honnest, I love to ride non-user friendly software ( sorry if you think renoise is friendly, I come from ableton live platform and from my point of view its not :)

I dunno, its fun to figure out how things goes and after showing your mom how brilliant you are :P .

I know a lot of people that did try renoise and left the building after 3 hours.

Its my third day now in renoise, i’m not sure I have sleep in the last 48 hours, this thing is awesome.

Hopefully it’s only your point of view… if there are plenty more of where you came from… i think someone else should take my job.
Well my job is not to make Renoise user-friendly, but at least to change the high curbs into a raising platform for the walking impaired if you know what i mean.

Putting a lot of stuff into this same 1024*768 area with as less pop-ups as possible ain’t exactly easy to do this in a user-friendly way (just covering Taktik’s back here, not my own).
But i’ll promise to create some more beginners content in the future.

Hm, yeah, why change a good formula I guess. It would be a good idea for me, but another setting and button would only add to the confusion. :)

We should all be making video tutorials and helping to update the wiki more.