Really Good Mood

I just wanted to share that i’m in a really good mood right now, which is rare for me. It’s friday afternoon, sun is shining, weather is warm outside. I’m about to leave work in a few hours for the weekend. I feel useful & appreciated at my job, needed by my family… excited about the prospects of music. I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff lately (more than usual) and about to release a few new tunes. and I have a beautiful & emotional song running through my head right now (“Saves the day - firefly”)

so i thought if somehow, someway, by making this post, if i could somehow make the spark of my feeling right now transfer to somebody else, that would be some kind of miracle of the power of human communication

i’m sure this all sounds really cheesy. you don’t have to reply to this, really you don’t. just know that you are part of some nature greater than we all imagine. and i don’t even believe in god, i just mean some kind of transcendental connection between everything… trees, people, earth, space, sadness…



yep, weather is beautiful outside. More skirts and tank tops on the streets. ahhhh

time to go out tonight, have some drinks, listen to good music and check out the ladies.


wow!!1 i haven’t seen that word since i used to subscribe to the happy hardcore email list 10 years ago :P

re:topic: Yes. Everything is simple. It seems shameful how easy it is to forget that. Cheers.

i just plurred myself and i dont have a wetwipe. :(

I know what you mean man, I get that feeling sometimes.

Enjoy it :)