Really Oldschool Trackers :)…ograms.html#c64

woah… :) thanx… when i started it was just the noisetracker… Allways had the feeling there must’ve been something before that :D This clarifies alot of things… :)

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Allways had the feeling there must’ve been something before that :D This clarifies alot of things… :)

The first “tracker” was the ultimate soundtracker (or just soundtracker), released in 1987 for the Amiga, in other words not for 64 :wink: it did exist some step sequencers on the c64 before soundtracker, but not a “real” tracker, soundtracker was the first one so scroll up to see the true old scool tracker :)</0x0000562850a824c8>

Mid eighties there was a program called soundmonitor on C64 which is the first tracker i’ve seen.
I came a little late to the Amiga but I doubt soundtracker was the first of it’s kind.

I know the hype about Amiga and the soundtracker which turned over a lot of people, but boy was I dissapointed over the initial sample quality, the warm synths of the C64 was so much sweeter. Eventually folks got better samplers and it turned a bit better.

Haha what an amazing find!

I am loving what I see!

that’s really nice collection, i forgot about many of them… thanks =)

there are quite some missing though, for example DMC 5, the one I used until I did quit C64 scene. Still a nice find.

nice! i grew up on the MED/octamed series!

Well, you can doubt as much as you want, but it is still a fact ;)

I think I have to disagree with that wiki. Take a look at Soundmonitor and tell me it’s not a tracker.

How do you define a tracker, seems like this crazy wiki insist it must use samples to be a tracker, which is absurd. Basically a tracker is the tool that provides a vertical way to enter notes.

Quote from the wiki:
“Some early tracker-like programs appeared for the Commodore 64, such as Rock Monitor, but these did not feature sample playback, instead playing notes on the computer’s internal synthesizer.”

Still I believe the wiki is wrong. Rock Monitor did play samples, right!? But then again, how do you define a sample hehe…

Since the word “tracker” is a direct derivation from the application ultimate soundtracker it will be very difficult to say that any other application was the first tracker. and the unique with that application was that it could arrange sound samples and edit them stepwise, not the step editing itself, and that would probably be the best definition of a tracker. that it existed tracker-like programs before soundtracker is true, but the first “real” tracker was soundtracker, and it is not just me and wikipedia that says so, just a fast search on google gives thousands of hits that is saying the same ;) here is the first five links I stumbled upon in a quick search……cmusician.htm#5


I want to agree with Garf here, though i have never tested soundmonitor, but i call programs like Sid duzzit and Johnplayer trackers even though they don’t support samples.
And the Sid produces sounds way beyond what Amiga can :P

stop debating semantics and start playing these pimped up vertical event-list proggies in an emulator!

Atari 2600. Insane. :o

That was indeed the first one… the first one i used on the C64 was called Rockmonitor. It supported “Digi’s” which gave me four tracks of pleasure :P
Eventually Music Assembler became my favorite above Heathcliff’s Turbo Assembler routine.

I’ve got the Synthcart for 2600, and the Cynthcart for C64. Paul Slocum make some pretty neat stuff, just check out his dot matrix synth:

There are a lot of Amiga trackers not on the list… pf… not that fair at all :unsure:

What about TFMX, FTM, Art of Noise, MusicMaker and of course Octalyzer, the first tracker with 8 tracks?

Not to mention the later ones like digitracker, digibooster, midi station, etc.

@Discussion: SoundMonitor VS Ultimate Soundtracker, which was the first tracker?

Of course the term “tracker” is typically related to the first amiga program of it’s kind. It was the first affordable tool to do non-synthetic-chiptune style music based on samples in an easy way without the need to be a SID programmer. Furthermore sample based multi channel mixed music was the predominant music style of the 80s and the killer combination amiga + tracker was a THE choice for low budget people to reach a similar professional level. There was no need for any type of “hype”.

BUT as mentioned before, the first tracker like software was SoundMonitor from Chris Huelsbeck on the C64, I don’t know why the English Wikipedia argue against that fact.
So better take a look on the correct German Wikipedia article which is even more complete:

So we at Germany care more about correct tracker articles because all the important tracker generations (SoundMonitor, SoundTracker, TFMX, Renoise) were developed bei Germans :D as well as all the important big sequencer packages today (like Cubase, Logic Audio, etc.) and all those award winning plugins (like from Native Instruments, VirSyn) and early multichannel HD recoding software by SEK’D in Dresden and and and… :walkman:


So what the hell does this FL icon actually do in your signature?

:D This shows my openness and tolerance to the software by our EU neighbours.

Sorry, this stuff makes me depressed. In '88 I had a fostex 4 track, yamaha RX8 drum machine and a guitar (and no musical ability) I had friends who loved this stuff, it took me 19 years to catch up!

Nowadays I have all of the above and Renoise and still, no musical ability!!