Really Slow Wake Up From Standby/Hibernation On A Thinkpad X60S

It takes a long time for Renoise to wake up when resuming from standby. It takes like at least half a minute or so before the system wakes up, before that it’s just frozen. Any other app gives control back immediately when resuming normal state.

This is annoying, since I do a lot of music on buses and trains, and I lose time because of this.

What could be the reason? Has anybody else experienced this?

The laptop is a Thinkpad X60S with XPpro.

what do you mean by “other apps”? Renoise can consume much RAM and this means that resuming from hybernation can take “much” time

Returning from hibernation takes always the same time, because Windows dumps the whole memory. But what I mean is, that upon returning from standby (and I think hibernation too), after Windows has resumed, everything sits frozen for some time if Renoise is running.

Actually NOW that I try this, also Renoise gives control back immediately after Windows has resumed… Strange, I had this issue for months now. Maybe it has something to do with an instance that has been running for days already, and some memory allocation thing? I almost always put the laptop in standby/resume, and sometimes the same instance of Renoise could have been running for even a week or so.

I’ll poke around a bit and see if I can reproduce this reliably now.

First of all:Running windows with various sessions open for days or weeks without restarting your machine yet simply going to hibernate or sleepmode aren’t the kind of things that anybody should be doing with any application here.
You wander into problems sooner or later. Things can eventually even go worse (like BSOD). I hope you have autobackup turned on, because that is that you need if the BSOD occurs one day.
I have not been able to run any os longer than a week with several applications open end shutting it down by hybernating or sleeping.
It simply doesn’t like it and the major devices that don’t like this are your network cards and your memory dimms (when going in to sleep mode all the time)