Realtime Recording Of Pattern Effects - Overdub Or Place Into New

Hi, this occurred on #Renoise (EsperNET): A guy comes in and asks how to record a slider-change to the Pattern Editor, we tell him how to do it, then he asks if he can add another slider-change (different slider, different parameter) to the Pattern Editor, we tell him to add an effect column, he rightclicks on the second parameter, and it overwrites the contents of the first column.

Would it be possible to “notice” that there is already a Pattern Effect command for an Automation Device or a VST-effect/(or any effect), and output it to a second column that is empty? :)


If you move to the empty effect column you can get it to record in there but if in the Note Column then it will always go in the first.

When in Note Column it should look for first empty Effect Column and if there is not one Expand the columns so it doesn’t not destroy any previous data.

+1 What kazakore said

yeah this would be great. Would go well with the ‘undo last take’ feature and all that plus Renoise supports 8 effect column tracks now so it’s not like you run out of room to easily.

My question is what about when you do want to overwrite?

It would still be nice to have this kind of “assign this parameter to this effect_column” kind of a thing. to safely be able to automate without issues. would make stuff more transparent.

yep, the “when do we overwrite?” thing would be weird.

This is the reason I never record automation to the pattern editor, but straight to envelopes.

How do you do that with Device On/Off? (EG switching between two different LFOs.)

I never use Renoise lfo devices :D , and the rare occasion I want to turn on & off an effect I right mouse click it into the pattern editor and make sure it doesn’t overwrite anything else.

I like the current behaviour. If it would not overwrite, you would have to manually trash all effects when you actually want to “overdub” effect recording.
And all you need to do to avoid this, is placing the cursor on a new column?

Not if it replaced over the same if the effect command value is the same.

What about people who like to record live and prefer using the effects column, rather than automation? Recording notes and more than one parameter change is going to be very problematic! (Not that I expect there are a huge amount of such users and I personally much prefer Automation for this.)

You mean if you want to record effects to another column, simply place the cursor in another effect column?

Hence the whole concept of being able to assign a parameter to a specific effect column. I suppose the Advanced Edit Parameters could be used to them expand and shrink those specific effect column contents.

for rightclicking the parameter slider, this works, for the Midi commands this however doesn’t so i never noticed the other part either.