Realtime Recording Solution Needed...

Can someone recommend me a solution how 2 record realtime from renoise?

I mean i do it under windows using an excellent plugin Voxengo Recorder.

How can i do the same under MacOSX?

doesn’t the built-in function fit your needs?

nope, because i cant put it on master.

i just like to write some tracks with “hands on desk” method. i got just 2-4 patterns and lotsa channels with stuff going on there. and just muting, fxing and so on using my midi controllers.

so i just want to know how to record the output of renoise inside OSX.

i can do it with Voxengo under XP, but dunno how to under OSX.

Two freebie apps will do it:

  2. (get SoundSource)

You can then change the output of Renoise to the SoundFlower driver and the input of another program to the SoundFlower driver. Many other possibilities, too.

EDIT: Upon further review, you only need the first one. But the second one is a cool add-on.

yes. the soundflower app is what i need.

thanks a lot Conner !