Realtime Redhat

Hopefully my new hard drive will arrive soon and it will be time to reinstall from scratch. Will keep a Windows partition, as it’s what I know (although I am debating whether to finally go Win7) but I will also put a Linux partition on there again. Last time I went with Ubuntu Studio and although I generally got on with it all right I did have a few niggles and eventually used Windows 90% of the time.

But that is neither here nor there really. This time I feel I want to try a Red Hat based distribution. Main reason being that pretty much all the Linux-based systems I come across through my work are running Red Hat, not Debian, based distribution and from what I understand there are some fundamental differences (even if mainly getting used to the different syntax used) so feel getting some familiarity with it would be more beneficial than going Ubuntu again.

So are there any good media/audio based Red Hat distros with a working real-time kernel? Anybody got experience of it or does everybody on Linux here use some derivative of Debian?


Planet CCRMA, CCRMA own “distribution” is Fedora (Red hat) based.
But I only have experience with Debian based audio distributions.

“Planet CCRMA at Home (CCRMA is pronounced ``karma’’) is a collection of free, open source rpm packages (RPM stands for RPM Package Manager) that you can add to a computer running Fedora 11, 12 or 13, or CentOS 5”

So not a distribution in its own right.

“audio workstation with a low-latency kernel”

But at least it looks like they’ve tried to tackle kernel issues of the standard Fedora. May give it a shot on Fedora14…

Renoise will install as easily on RedHat/Fedora wont it? It’s not distributed as either APT or RPM so hoping that implies you use the same process on both. Am pretty much at the Linux n00b level though…

Yeah, I know, its not a distribution, but it is THE option if you want a Red Hat based audio workstation.
The binary will install easily.

Yeah I was saying more to myself and explaining in case anybody else does a search for similar and comes across this thread. Did wonder why you put distribution in quotation marks…

Assumed it must :) But you know what they say about assumption… ;)