Realtime Renderd (Mixdown) With Input


i use hardwares a software at same time inside renoise
and dont want to record everything to sample

i try to use line in devices then render but it is go intactive stage.
btw it is logical coz there’s no realtime render section!.

if its possible please think about it , relatime render with line in support. We can get easy way to use hardwares in the whole sound project(no need to create sample and instrument, then new tracks etc…) and when its done, it is mutch better to render.

  • multiple inputs ohh man i love it, if i can render the whole music whit my hardwares at the same time.
    I dont know why it is not implemeted already before…

what do you think Tactik?
thank you

Nobody interested about this?
its a shame…

it is a big leak for hardware users.
how can be recorded at the same time when render the song in renoise?
i need to record in soundforge or else.

any idea?

I don’t get the point here. When you play your song renoise actually renders it in realtime otherwise you wouldn’t hear it. The only thing you have to do is to record your soundcard’s final output.

Or have I missed the point?

I understand, what I don’t get is this: Is there any way to solve this problem other than using a third application to record the mix of all the stuff? How could renoise get the audio generated by external hardware and mix it with the rest of the tracks in realtime?

edit: perhaps line-in device could do this if the external synth is very fast? with enough delay of renoise?

this is what i wont do it.
I want to render realtime use only renoise render section,
Realtime render + Line input devices can do this (if available a realtime render option). BUT right now the line in devices in renoise, go to off -or bypass- stage when you want to render your music.
so i dont want to render back tracks to renoise or else, wnat to get the tracks simply as possible.
I think it is not a big deal to do this feature, but it is a big step forward …

As you have noticed, renoise currently disable the audio card/drivers all together when rendering.

It has been suggested many times in the past to change this behavior so it works as a real realtime rendering. So you are not alone wanting this feature.
It’s on the todo list.

So then renoise can send the data through MIDI to an external synthesizer for example and receive the generated audio back, process it with DSPs and include that in a rendered song… in real time? That would be great!

[sup]Yeah , it would definately be a big plus if we could render our hardware , the way I do it is just record my hardware into an audio editor and then line them up( the ha(rdware mixdown) with the renoise rendered song in reaper [/sup]

…and -software- like Rebirth (which usually has to be rendered seperately)!
realtime filter twiddling on the fly… :yeah: