Realtime Rendering, H/w Synths And Fx.


I have a number of h/w synths running into renoise (just starting to experiment with renoise) to move away from Logic a bit on Mac. For some reason when you select render (either to file or to sample) with real-time set it doesn’t actually playback the synths… it seems to almost do a broken offline render and then the rendered output is all messed up.

Should this work, as in render with live h/w synths coming in via the Line-In Device? if not how best to render finished patterns/tracks using external synths.

Also, is there anyway (or what is the best way) to setup inserts and have them routed via external fx units? I’m trying to use my lexicons and outboard compressors etc.

this post should be of help for you, as Renoise cannot directly render audio from external synths