Realtime song render you can hear in realtime

On some tracks I like to manually tweak dials on my MIDI controlled analogue gear which is being routed to Renoise thru line in DSPs. Even though Renoise’s real time song renderer records external MIDI sources in real time, it doesn’t let me hear what’s being recorded during rendering which makes recording tweaks complete guesswork. I currently to use a digital recorder to record these tracks instead. Any chance of a monitor ON/OFF button in the song rendering options that would allow you to select whether you can hear what is being recorded by the real time renderer? This might also be useful for people that want to manually play keyboards parts or theremins or whatever.


Yup, that’d be fantastic! Then again I’m always running into latency issues. So I don’t think I’d be making music use of it. But I’d like to have the option, at least.

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Yes. People with slower machines would likely run into problems. Machines are getting faster all the time though.

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I can think of a few workarounds for this that I’ve already used in the past – if you’re cool with stripping the master, you could use something like JACK to route everything through Cardinal, VCV, or Voltage’s free tier, play the track back in Renoise and slap that record button on the modular (err, do those last two in reverse!).

Even though you can’t really freestyle in Renoise after the fact, you can select and use whatever instrument you want with a VST host (Redux, perhaps?) and trigger your stuff in realtime. This gives you a lot of flexibility, too; set things on timers or just arm your tracks with switches for jamming on via MIDI, etc.

These are all free, too, so you don’t have to spend any money if you’re down with getting creative!

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You could use VST audio recording capturing plugin on the Master bus, something like this one: MRecorder - Free Audio Recorder By MeldaProduction (VST)

I think should not take too much from from the CPU resources.

Play your song as you normally do it, play the external gear in through the dsp-in and record the final output from master.

Or if you on Jack\Linux, there was a Jack recording tool for jack system, If I remember correctly.

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If you’re in Linux, just use jack_capture and let the track play out while you tweak away

Great idea. I haven’t used a recorder vst in awhile but this is definitely the right answer. I don’t remember which one but I back in my Jeskola Buzz days, 10 or so years ago, I would put a recorder VST on each signal going out to the master and could trigger them to all record at once, since Buzz had no native way of doing stems. I don’t see why you couldn’t use one not only to record the master, but to record individual tracks as well.

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