Realtime Stretch

there was a max msp script thingie (I forget the name) that did all this in realtime from live input and was rather amazing from what I recall. It ran just like a hardware device would sound, “Solid”. turned my voice down real low and heavy. a realtime pitch changer with no discernable artifacts, which I know or see is the other side of the spectrum.

Interesting. Have to admit I didn’t know that much about the guy. Fair point well taken.

Why are people talking about assumptions regarding the cost of the liscense? That is what sales people are for. Someone (from the Renoise team) should contact them and the folks that own the liscense will be more than happy to remove all this guesswork and provide some concrete info to go on.

May I point out that timestretching is a problem only PC users have? ;)

like £10 significant or like ableton significant?

Reading this long thread looks like ppl would really like to have Pitcher / Stretcher :) Then you would compose anything and play WITH anything and at any speed.

Anyway, I found this excellent Youtube home-made video showing how Prodigy took samples from various places for Smack my Bitch up :)

How to : Smack my bitch up (original)…ature=subtivity

Anyway - whatever happens and when ever any addition happens in next Renoise - I will always buy & support it. Renoise bought me in this life :)

Maybe an option to buy a seperate license for timestretching? Like light and full versions of Renoise. If you want it, you pay for the license. But making the Apple variant beforehand cheaper :? and it will be harder to maintain I guess - since you then have multiple versions…
@djnick: Very cool video!

I think one of Renoise’s biggest selling points is that it’s all self-contained, and there aren’t multiple versions to confuse people or make them worry that they’re missing some important features. It’s quite an elegant sales model if you ask me, and it stands out among a crowd of packages with versions like Lite, Advanced, Pro, Studio, Master, XXL, etc., which are all fairly meaningless and sometimes difficult to differentiate at a glance.

I don’t think the addition of time-stretching alone even justifies the existence of a new version, to be honest, and I think there would have to be more features added to make it worthwhile. After having read the Renoise team’s responses to various questions over the years, I highly doubt that they would even consider this an option.

I think it would be great if Renoise did get this feature, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Considering the number of apps available which can already do it, it’s not difficult to find something suitable to process your samples.

Some examples which are free to use:

SoundTouch -
Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch -
My own lofi stretcher -
Audacity sample editor -
Best Practice -

How about the Rubber Band Library that was mentioned on the previous page? It’s GNU based but there is an option for licensing for commercial products.

I use Braindoc Pitchshifter, which is a live timestretcher/pitch shifter VST inside Renoise.

I used it in the LaRoux Remix, you’d never be able to tell.…paul-deep-remix

If the quality of rubber band is ok (I think it’s more than ok), I agree that would be a better option.

I also agree with dblue that dual light/pro versions would be a bad thing.

Maybe there are other free systems available for timestretch too


i remember the time when in renoise version 1.28 was a FFT pitch function (that i miss till today), unfortunatly it was removed in newer versions but i found that very useful… i could be used as time stretch you just had to pitch up a given sample and then slow down to previous pitcvh what gave you the same pitch and the new tempo…

I had posted another thread at one point about using a pitchshifter as a timestretch device. The truth is it just isn’t that good though.

Someone here in this thread mentioned Braindoc, which i’ve used, but it just doesn’t accomplish the goal. For me I like to use it when I have a vocal that I want to use but it’s in the wrong key or wrong tempo. A timestretch is needed in that situation… or I guess mellodyne which I’ve never really used. So for now when I run into that situation I use Audacity or whatever audio program is handy. That’s basically the only time I use outside software though, and why I think it would be a great addition to Renoise.

I don’t understand - pitchshifting is timestretching.

If a vocal is in the right key, but not long enough, then play it in the wrong key to start with so its the right length, then pitchshift it to suit.

That is similar to saying that x = y when discussing 2d coordination while this is only true if both options have all their variable-values in common.

Timestretching is changing the length of the sample without changing the pitch, pitchshifting is changing the tone of the sample without changing its length.
I do catch what you are aiming at, but the quality of the sound is not getting any shinier if you do it that way which is what Hektic probably meant.

But that is the same thing…

If I had a 30 second sample of a tone at 500hz and changed its pitch to 1000hz, that is the same as having a 15 second sample of a tone 1000hz and stretching it to 30 seconds.

Two ways which lead to exactly the same result.

You can do this in Cool Edit/Adobe Audition in both ways (preserve pitch and alter tempo, or preserve tempo and alter pitch) and both results sound exactly the same.

On my Laroux Remix, the original vocal was 4.00 mins long, but I had to pitch shift it up two semitones to match the rest of my track…so vice versa, if I then played the sample down two semitones on the keyboard, the sample is now 4.26 seconds long, and playing in the original key. Thus in that way ‘timestretched’.

Have anyone checked out Modplug trackers time and pitch stretcher?
It’s good enough for basic use.

Wowowow :wacko: and no one discovered the E1, E2 etc. effects in stead of the 09xx command?
Its easy:

  1. load up some vocal and let it play on track 1.
  2. in the VOLUME column, punch in some E1 beneath it, all the way to line 20 or so.
  3. change all the E1’s to E2 or to E3 etc. do hear changes.

This method is a far more cool timestretch then the 09xx method.
Since 09xx is more meant for breakbeat, not directly timestretch.

Just my 2 cents :)

That’s not useable unfortunately.