Reaper 6 is out

Yes, Renoise is the most bestest DAW, but many of us like Reaper as well.

Version 6 is now out. The Reaper home page lists what’s new.


i updated the other day and it looks really nice

im mostly using it for small tasks like getting audio out from videos but its such a powerful tool to have and for really cheap

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Reaper is awesome! I have used reaper now about 3 weeks and it feels excellent. I have noticed that Reaper is very fast when using vst plugins etc. Renoise are slower when opening some vst’s. But that’s not the problem at all. Both DAW’s are good and the names are almost the same so… :nerd_face:

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They work great together, Renoise and Reaper. I sequence in Renoise, then mix full tracks in Reaper. Great for overall album sound as well.