Reaper for Vine Videos

I’ve been making Vine videos, with music done in Renoise.

Think of them as 6-second music videos. Or whatever.

They’re all from animated GIFs I’ve created using some custom scripts (and sometimes Processing). I then use Reaper to combine audio and video.

Sometimes I use the time-stretcher in Reaper to get things just the right length.

Then I have Reaper export to video. The goofy thing is that I have been assuming that Vine requires MP4, but it never liked what Reaper put out so I ended up doing some conversion dance.

Today I discovered that Vine will accept webm video. Which, as it happens, Reaper will gladly emit.

So the process is as easy as it gets. Load Renoise-created wav into Reaper, add a track for the video (and yes Reaper will use animated GIF files), and export the results. You may have to play with the size (Vine wants 1:1 ratio, not sure of the max size, might be 720).

I then copy to my phone and upload from there.