Reaper Rewire Issue



I made a beat in Renoise.

Rendered it as a .wav

Loaded it into Reaper, into Track 1.

Track 2; my friend sang.

It sounded great.

We closed everything and went to bed.

I woke up the next day and edited the hell out of the track inside Reaper, using the audio files that were in there. Went to sleep again.

Now, I want to delete the original beats audio from Reaper, and use Renoise, so I can edit the beats to fit with the recorded vocals better in Reaper.


I open Renoise, and load the original beats .xrns.

I open Reaper and try to load the saved massive edit of the Track 1 and Track 2.


Cut down version; I can not load a song into Reaper when it is a slave to Renoise.

This is a bit annoying.
Any ideas?

Sounds like a Reaper bug to me.

You should be able to. I just did…
Can you open the song when Reaper is isn’t slaved, or is the file corrupt.

Indeed looks like a reaper bug or the file got somehow corrupted. Could you ask the Reaper devs for help here? Not much we can do here.

Hi guys.

Sorry for the delay.

Yeah, I think this is a Reaper bug. I will get on to the Reaper devs.