Reaper V3 Is Released


Reaper version 3 just released with lots of new features


Great news!

I’m interested in Reaper, but looking into their forums I think I’ll wait,

Think i’ll wait a while too and meanwhile my version 2.58 will still serve me well if needed. Around 14 hours of usage in roughly a year, that i have it installed is not something i’d call “must have”. Also i don’t seem to find any upgrade pricing for 1.x keys.

There is no upgrade option for v1 keys it is a straight rebuy ;)


Ahh, ok, thanks for the info.

I’ve noticed a few bugs too, but it’s still sweeeeet. I’m sure the bugs will be fixed quickly. Reaper is updated all the time.

That’s why it is pretty pointless to whine about bugs in the final version.
Specially not because their upgrade deal is 50% better than ours:

Another happy reg’d Reaper user here. Using it for mastering presently.

Ditto on the reg’d and the happy’d. I used to use Cubase, but I find Reaper better for me in every single way. Also a good compliment to Renoise. Very handy for quickly processing/recording things from Max/MSP (using ReaRoute).

renoise for a quick sketch and reaper for the mastering

killer duo


Yeah, I love Reaper. Used it extensively in my last job, recording spoken word audio for student examinations. Really good, super CPU friendly program.

Works perfectly with Rewire too.

Currently use it to record my friends podcast.

Would recommend it to anyone, and it can even be used from USB stick

Just a question…

I am using Renoise as master and Reaper as slave…

For some reason, when I load a project into Reaper to use slaved to Renoise, none of the VSTs work in Reaper…

Any ideas why this would happen?

They don’t work or are not audible?
Perhaps you should route the VST output directly to a ReWire channel instead of routing it to a Reaper track?
That kind of corner i would look for a solution.

Reaper? Never heard of it, but I’ll give it a try…

Sorry, a bit more detail;

I made a simple project in Reaper (just one track, with a line in for my mic, and some VST effects on the track).

I closed Reaper, opened Renoise, and then re-opened Reaper to make it the Slave.

Then, I tried to open the project in Reaper.

The VSTs would not initialize.

I could, however, delete the non-active VSTs from the track, and re-open them again, where-upon they work perfectly.


Sounds like a Reaper problem in that case…

Maybe not a reaper problem
It could be a bad setup
What you may have tried to do is have an ASIO driver running the master (Renoise) and then load a project that tries to use the ASIO driver again on the slave (Reaper)

I am assuming this from the limited info in your post but it would make sense


Oh just an FYI there have been two new versions of Reaper since i started this thread