Reason 11 (announcement)

from propellerheads to reason studios,
nothing new from my perspective worth of major version (except 1 thing > automation curves tbh)

  • and you can use rack inside another daw.
    ~ so what is changed actually? possibility to load it in another daw with same old mixer emulation comp/buscomp (but now as rack apart from mixer itself) - and phaser and chorus? really? 10>11??

What’s your opinion guys?

Reason rack as VSTi is VERY major imo. But I can understand if Reason users don’t get that excited about it :slight_smile:

I’ll probably upgrade from my v8 license.


well for someone who uses other daw with reason - it’s a (big) change, but for everyone else using mostly reason itself it’s a really like an insult. ~ Like Taktik would make renoise up to v4 just because redux is renoise equivalent vst…

  • their CEO changed recently so they are doing “rebranding” as well from “propellerheads” to “reason studios”

I used to use and promote Reason for something like 17 years. After that, I needed a change. Renoise provided a healthy way to move forward. I have most of Reason’s synth and effects plugins, but they just couldn’t get me where I wanted to be. It’s neat to see that Reason is spreading out, for synthesis they are fantastic. This upgrade isn’t really for their user base, though. Not an exciting upgrade, and I won’t be upgrading to 11, especially now that their pricing structure is rising as well.


I think there are many ex Reason users out there, which will love this. Reason as Rack VST is a great idea. You can also use Rack extension in other DAWs now. Too bad Renoise doesn’t support VST3, because it’s currently VST3 only.

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Wow that is fantastic!! A good reason to buy reason.

I am absolutely THRILLED about this! Best Reason news in a long time. It was my original ‘DAW’, way back in the early and mid 2000’s, so I go way back with it. But it hasn’t been my main music software in a long time. I’m definitely getting this and using it with Ableton and Renoise, this will be so much more powerful and useful than Rewire ever was. You can even load in the rack just to use it as an FX processor - we can all start running everything through SKREAM again, just like the old days :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully next Renoise update will add VST3 support, would be great to have Reason rack inside Renoise without having to Rewire.

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Wow it even will come with a effect version of the rack. This is so amazing!

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finally im going to be able to use my RE inside bitwig :heart_eyes:


So ironic that a company that was previously known for being against plugins in their software have now become a plugin.


The Audiounit version of Reason 11.1 is available now. How does it work in Renoise? :slightly_smiling_face: