Reason 11 updated & now runs on Renoise for Mac

I was literally just about to purchase Blue Cat Audio’s Patchwork so I could run Reason’s Rack in Renoise when I read the current update now supports AUv2. Happy days.



Good stuff, but the audio effects still aren’t available I guess? (oh, maybe they are)

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They are available, too. You can load them either via the instrument rack attached to an instrument or via the effects as a track effect.

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Pretty cool, does it have a high resolution interface though? Like Renoise 3.2?

I tried Reason a while back and it looked awful on my 4K iMac.

Not sure… I don’t have a 4K screen. It looks all right on my display.

There is nothing new happened. Reason will currently still look awful on 4k

Thanks for the reply, I figured that was the case because if it weren’t they’d probably announce it as a feature.

Searching around for answers on this I guess some elements look okay on 4K screens, but since they have all those 3rd party rack extensions it will be difficult for them to go full 4K.

Glad Renoise is now 4K though! That’s what counts.

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