Reason 4 Is Coming.


I saw a lil notice on new Propellerheads addition - the THOR synth , somewhere on da net…i went to Propellers site and saw there a banner " THE NEW REASON ". Go ahead and check the site for new Reason additions. May be some of themll be interesting for RENOISE devs (all this timing, quantize, sizes stuff, de-attaching windows, VST and VSTi folder organiser (a must!!!) and better usability and so on.

p.s. I use reason for some tasks. I like Maelstrom synth very much, cuz its easy to program, its sounds awesome for my tasks and so on. Anybody knows VSTi alternatives to Maelstrom?
Also im a big fan of Scream 4. The best distortion unit i ever heard! And again, do someone knows any VST alternatives for Scream 4???