Reason 5 Inspired By Renoise?

I couldn’t help but wondering if “blocks” or “clips” or whatever we want to call it, is really becoming a standard feature of all DAW software today.

Hopefully future Renoise versions will take the lead in that regard with extended clips support.

lol @ music in that vid. sounds really “corporate”.

and lol @ “alternate stabbings” :lol:

but come on, let’s be honest here, Renoise doesn’t have reusable clips (yet)… you can reuse stuff on the pattern level, but not deeper than that. you can copy/paste/and clone very, very easily, so it may feel that way, but strictly speaking…

well taking blogs as seperation is in my opinion not something taken from renoise.
The seperation into several segments is a simple and good idea.

More like a straight rip of Cubase which has had that for a while.

i don’t really see how this offers anything different to naming an audio clip and then cut-pasting it. the video makes it seem like they’ve taken something you can do in most sequencers already and made it slightly more complicated by forcing you to switch between ‘song’ and ‘block’ mode to do so. that said it always seemed like a hassle to sequence anything beyond a bar or two of music in reason for me, maybe this makes it easier? :wacko:

i like that they’ve even trademarked ‘blocks’. maybe renoise should patent “FACE™”. “most breakcore musicians like to hit a qwerty keyboard with their face to programme music. with new FACE™ for renoise, it makes the process even easier. Just click the special ‘breakbeats instrument’ button and slam your face on the keyboard. You’re making music that breaks out of bullshit intro verse chorus paradigms in no time! It’s so easy your cat can do it!”

LOL :slight_smile:

Yes, their videos really is on this marketing level. But I couldn’t help to really laugh when I saw that Dr.OctoRex vid, because the speaker says “Sometimes things can get a little messy. That’s why we’ve done you a huge favor and removed Dr.Rex completely. It’s gone. For real.” And then you see Dr.Rex device being wiped off the program menus and rack with an erasing sound followed by a pause. I wondered what would happen if they really did erase Dr.Rex completely without any substitute… haha, the entire hiphop Reason userbase would get upset.

the impression I got from the video is that they are trying to convince you that making a pop song is as easy as for a kid is playing with LEGO blocks, and they managed to convince me.

I like the bit in the video where he says ‘blocks, a whole new way of composing andarranging your music’

coming soon in Renoise: STAIRS™ “Quit tumbling down the devil hex and let me music take you higher with STAIRS™. Just press the STAIRS™ button to switch mode, you’ll soon be on your way to the top. Women will want to get to know you.”

“Next Renoise will feature ACRONYM, a mysterious, ultimate, pristine quality, quantum leap forward, crystal clear, unprecedented feature which will notably increase your esteem level amongst your pals using mainstream sequencers, by the only mean of telling them you use it.”

Seriously guys, you need to stop making me laugh. All I can hear now is that voice in my head on everything and anything: “The new paper WIPE will wipe your ass in a revolutionary new ways”… welll, for fuck’s sake

Now I couldn’t even watch the first seconds of the video they posted today without starting to laugh!

When I cheked up site propellerheads,I found there iphone version of rebirt. Guys, heve you ever thought about renoise version for iphone? )))

Ah, you mean Renoise 2.6? Yah, that must be it.

Edit: I like “iPhone for Renoise” better

no, since Apple never thought an iPhone version for Renoise

funny though, no matter how many more synths and effects they add, the reason fanboys will never stop the moaning for MIDI out &/or VST integration. for crying out loud switch DAW allready!

Since the dawn of time man has dreamt of building things… out of bricks. With BRICKS (better instrument chord and key sequences), for sibelius, you can translate all of your music to standard sheet music, wrap it around a brick, and throw it through Timbaland[sup]r[/sup]'s window (or any other big name producer). BRICKS[sup]r[/sup], building relationships, not just 1950’s council estates.

has anyone ever noticed that reason and renoise, both have ‘re’ at the start?


ok i’ll go now

From noisetracker and propellerheads has used “re” many times before like recycle, rex, record, reload, refill, remote, rewire, rebirth and so on.

It used to be worse, when Reason and Renoise even shared the same song extension ( .rns ) :)