reason rewired to renoise ..scanning midi inputs takes a long time

I am having a bit of an issue here .

When I rewire reason to renoise ( reason just as a rack synth …renoise as sequencer )

Whenever I load/delete an instrument in reason , renoise is scanning for new midi inputs ( from the reason devices ) .

Altough I know this is normal behaviour , the time it takes is not , it takes approximatly 10 seconds to rescan and renoise freezes during the scanning process.

System is a lenovo thinkpad T61 dual core2 , 2 gig ram …running on Vista ( I know …vista sucks )

Soundcard :edirol ua25 , happens with the edirol generic asio driver and also the assio 4 all driver .

This was not the case on my ( verry old ) single core amd athlon xp3000 , running windows xp .

Other programs do not exhibit this behaviour ( ableton , reaper )

So could this be renoise/vista related ?

Could be the same issue like here:

Any luck with it ?

As you can see from your and my post, no one really gives a damn.

The only thing which worked for me was to use both 64 bit vers. of Renoise and Reason.

Unfortunatelly, I only own ver. 4.0 which is 32 bit only and I’m not in a hurry to upgrade it as it has everything I need (Thor).

I tested it with 64bit version of Reason 8 trial…