Reassignabe note input keys

would we be able to assign the note input keys to other actions? especially the “,” “.” and “/” keys which i used to use on buzz for stuff like delete

The virtual keyboard range on your pc keyboard is reserved for those notes and cannot be reassigned.
You can however assign the same keys in combination with a modifier (ctrl/cmd/shift/alt)

Being able to bind actions to the note keys would be very useful, for those of us who don’t use the pc keyboard for notes. It would be faster for common actions and you would also be able to use more shortcuts overall (which would make sense because there are a lot).

even if you got rid of the second octave on the first row of the keyboard since it’s repeated anyway would be handy for shortcuts

It would render the phrase editor unusable because you cannot use anything else for it but the pc keyboard :).
But i suspect an option to allowing to have either upper or lower part available for shortcuts could be a suggestion indeed.

yes, being able to assign keys from the keyboard piano without modifiers would be helpful.

in fact, the entire keyboard piano could be optional.