Rebinding The Keys For Entering Notes

Is it possible to rebind the keys I use for entering note data? From the traditional piano way of doing things, to a linear thing, no black keys - just semitones.

When I was using horizontal sequencers I could just draw in notes without really knowing the relation of the keys in terms of black or white, I just looked at the distance between the notes and got used to that, and it was a really nice and neutral way of writing melodies + it gets easier to remember how for example drums are mapped out in an instrument.


I just want a straight row of semitones. I never really got used to having the black keys on a row above the white keys on they keyboard…

no, this is not possible: note keys are harcoded

ahh well, too bad. it would be nice.

Yea, It’s kinda bad its hardcoded.
Personally I would only use one octave of keys, and this way free up a lot of keys for other shortcuts.

Which raises the question: What if you use Dvorak? :P


I can tell you a lot about black and white keys…

One free advise for some good inspiration when discussing chords:Make chords using the black keys as a dominant hand rather than focussing on the white keys.
First of all: it’s easier, specially if you have small hands for the grip and it is a hell of a lot easier not to make mistakes than when you would use the white keys as your focus.
Second:You can make key-changes easily without worrying if the next chord-strike would fit in the line of the previous hit chord. (A real nice tip for folks that have troubles changing schemes and chords)

thanks man, I’ll try it out. I probably should get more into that then I guess. but there was something really nice about not having to deal with that at all.

btw. dvorak tracking would totally rock haha